Alas Poor Dave, I Knew Him Well…

We’ve been pretty sure that our cat, Dave, has been gone for a week or so, but I haven’t been able to confirm it. Today I found him out in our garage. It’s not clear if he passed away from another animal or just got sick and died.

Dave was a special kitty. He wasn’t a cuddly cat by any means, and I think he’d been abused before we got him. He never dealt with affection very well, and was always scared of everything. When we first brought him home, he came with the name Orion. After living with him for a while we decided Orion just didn’t fit him. It was far too dignified and sophisticated. He would run terrified from the cat litter box after using it instead of burying what he had just depositied. He emptied a dish of starlight mints we had on our coffee table…but not in the way you’d think. He at the wrappers off the mints and played with the mints themselves. So we named him after Dave off of the sitcom Titus.

Once we renamed him, all of his little weird behaviors made sense. The yowling at the front door to be let in only to run terrified when it opened and hide in the bushes around the corner of the house. Eating plastic bags when the cat food dish was empty or contained food he didn’t want as if to say “See how much you’re abusing me! I’ve resorted to eating this to survive!”. The hours spent staring at a blank wall. The way he’d let you pet him for a few minutes and then suddenly attack you.

Goodbye Dave. You’ll be missed.

Dave...Least Dignified Cat Ever

Dave…Least Dignified Cat Ever

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