Happy Mothers Day!

There’s a certain cycle to the relationship between mothers and children. At birth we’re fully dependent on our parents, but as we get older and start to develop our independence that dependence fades away. The process of figuring out our world falls between children and parents as they approach adulthood and our relationship with our parents, particularly with our mothers, suffers because of it. I went through this with my own mom.¬†While it seemed like it lasted forever at the time, now it seems like a brief part of my life. My mom and I have a great relationship, and I’m thankful that the cycle has come around to this point and we didn’t get stuck in the rough part. I’m thankful that my mom was patient enough to let me work through the rough stuff and be there for on the other side.

Now we have a child of our own. Zoe just turned two, and so now we’re in our third year of being parents. Zoe still adores her mother and can’t be away from her for too long. Zoe’s been sick the past couple of days. Nothing serious, just a fever and some trouble sleeping. Mom’s been taking a the brunt of the sleepless nights, partially because Zoe just wants her mom. So on this mother’s day, I woke up to a bright and bouncy two year old girl and an exhausted mom. This is not an unusual occurrence. But when we get the chance to get off on our own for a few hours, we’ll drop Zoe off at Grandma’s house, and it’s not too long before I hear the phrase “I miss my baby.” This is the miracle of motherhood.

I think it’s time for me to make some food for when Mom and Zoe wake up from their early morning nap.

Happy mother’s day!

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