Remember my last post, about spinning plastic bags into gold?
Well, that was a lie. But I wasn’t lying about turning it into yarn for crochet!

In the photo, you can see the latest edition of my adventures in “plarn” – plastic yarn –  in progress.  It’s a tote bag, with just a single crochet stitch, and a lot of experimentation. The brown colored plarn is from Albertsons and Fred Meyer bags, and the white is Big Lots!, Haggen Foods, and Safeway. Mostly Safeway.  I would estimate that there’s about 40 bags in there so far, and I cut the bags at about 3/4  inch sections to get a relatively fine yarn. I’m experimenting with different weights of yarn plarn for best yield per bag and texture of resulting cloth, but I think this is best so far. 

I’m testing out a new blogging app with this, so bear with me as I fumble through finding a tutorial for making this magical substance…  Ah,  here. There’s some business at the end about splicing the  plarn, but I just make a tiny knot, and it doesn’t really show enough for me to care. Maybe I’ll give it a shot at some point. In any event, that’s another thing off my to do list! Two, actually, since I’m working on blogging from my phone!

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