Jessie’s Wishlist

Third Party Wishlists Lots of T-shirts. features kitchen implements, organizers, and a whole bunch of music!

First Party Wish List

Another shelf in my pantry closet. 37.5″ across, no more than 12″ deep.

Dragon Age: Inquisition for Xbox 360.

Everything on the Fillmore Containers website.

Jerky gun/extruder.

Wine bottle corker.

Flat sheets for a dehydrator – for making fruit leather or drying liquids into powders.

Soap molds. Round, square, floral, doesn’t matter! Candy molds work too.

Handle covers for cast iron pans.

Silicone spatulas, in shades of blue.

Adult tricycle. Models I like are the Schwinn Meridian and Komodo 6 speed.

To go with the tricycle, the Kangaroo Carrier kids’ bicycle seat!

Cabela’s gift card.

A solar powered watch that can take a beating… optimally equipped with an analog/bezel compass. Some watches I like are the Casio Rangeman, this Casio ProTrek and the Casio Mudman. Solar powered is more important than bezel compass, though, because you can get a clip on compass. ^_^ Pretty sure you can find something with these specs at somewhere like K-Mart.

Bottle cutter, like the Kinkajou cutter.

Folding shovel, like this one.

Heavy duty multitool.

Audobon books on birds, insects, plants and critters for this area. ALL the Audobon books! (I have a general guide, but more specific ones for insects, fish, etc would be nice)

Mushroom field guides for the Pacific Northwest, specifically for identifying edible ones.

Kitchen Cabinet organizer, like this. I bet it would be easy to make…

A colander pot (or just the lid…)

Oil press, hand-cranked.