The Comiclist

Brian and Jessie read a rather ridiculous number of webcomics, and it just seems rude not to share the goodness with the lot of you.

Jessie and Brian both read:

  • PvP. Geeks, games, and a big blue troll. Also a serialized cartoon series available for subscription, a large array of multimedia exploration on the part of the author, a separate comic about WoW called Ding!, and a comic book being published through Dark Horse.
  • Penny Arcade. Geeks, games, nonsequiteurs, and a kickass podcast. They’re also the ones responsible for the Child’s Play charity toy drive, and PAX, a gaming expo.
  • Sinfest. Phenomenally drawn and surprisingly insightful, considering that the cast of this comic includes a dog and a kitty, a pig named Squig, Jesus and Buddha.
  • Questionable Content. Hipsters, a coffee shop, and a couple of AnthroPC’s. Sounds like Seattle in about 10 years, doesn’t it? The author also has another, sporadically updated comic called indietits, which he describes as “little birds who talk about obscure bands and make stupid jokes.”
  • Three Panel Soul. From the authors of Mac Hall, a more concise chronicle of daily life. It’s still funny as hell, though.
  • VG Cats. Two anthropomorphic cats, a lot of awkward and/or inappropriate moments, and a lot of videogame-related hilarity. The author also writes a comic for SquareEnix called Adventure Log, which talks about playing Final Fantasy Online, and a comic called Super Effective that’s all about Pokemon.
  • Looking for Group. From the authors of Least I Could Do (which is moderately amusing in its own right, but not worth obsessive morning checking for updates), a WoW/D&D spoof with a good main character dealing with the consequences of traveling with an evil party.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del. Gaming humor, a wacky protag and his sarcastic roommate, and a sentient Xbox.

Brian Reads:

  • XKCD. Comics about life, romance, and SCIENCE!
  • RealLifeComics. Geek and Gaming humor, centering primarily around the author’s life and relationship with his wife and friends.
  • InkTank. Comics about a the author, working for a software company.
  • Hijinks Ensue. Yet another comic with geek humor. I’m seeing a pattern here…oh well.

Jessie reads:

  • Diesel Sweeties. Robots, romance, and pixelated art. And some really atrocious puns. They sell *sweet* t-shirts as well!
  • Girls with Slingshots. Two girls, a bar, and a talking cactus – hilarity ensues! The author, Danielle Corsetto, is also sweet and a half.
  • Goats. This is a comic you will either love or hate. It’s not necessarily laugh out loud funny; but it’s fascinating to follow the twisted mind of the author. It’s grown a LOT in the last couple of years; but it has what’s verging on 10 years of archives, I believe.
  • Achewood. A fairly similar situation, only this one has an extremely dry sense of humor, and is populated by anthropomorphic animals.
  • Dresden Codak. Transhumanism, philosophy, and a very cool layout.
  • Something Positive. A *very* cynical and rather dark comic about… well, cynical and sarcastic people. You should start at the beginning and catch up; there are a lot of relationships that have developed. The author does numerous different series of comics; they’re all posted on a single page, though.
  • Platinum Grit. A serialized comic book with 18 issues to date – they’re far and few between, but *so* worth it when a new ones comes out. A fantasy comic about the gap between worlds in Scotland.
  • Girl Genius. Another comic book-style publication; but done a page at a time. Top-notch story about a Steampunk Victorian Europe. Plus, J├Ągers!
  • Perry Bible Fellowship. This is not what you think it is. It’s a sardonic, subtle, abstract comic that you should have heard of by now. Unfortunately, the author is on semi-sabbatical; but he promises periodic updates.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court. A fantasy comic about a bright young girl enrolled in a steampunk version of Hogwarts. Better than it sounds.

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