The Borislist

Our dog, Boris, seems to be the bane of technology unattended. We don’t fault him (too much) for it; he can’t help that, like a baby, his method of exploring the world is by putting it in his mouth. The list of casualties is fairly high, though, and morbidly entertaining. Thus, we give you the Borislist: an obituary of tech and other gadgets that have met their end at Boris’s hands – er, mouth.

  • Xbox Headset boom/mic
  • 250 Gig external hard drive (although, to be fair, he just tripped on the cord and pulled it off the counter)
  • Brian’s cell phone headset
  • headphones
  • Brian’s cell phone
  • Monster brand iPod car adapter cable
  • VGA Monitor Cable
  • Ethernet Cable
  • 1 box of Monty Python Fluxx (just the box, left the cards alone)

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