Zoe’s Wishlist

Zoe LOVES: Cats, frogs, Tinkerbell, Muppets, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, music, dancing 

First Party Wishlists

Mirror, Mirror on Blu-Ray
Any Tinkerbell movies EXCEPT the Pirate Fairy
Curious George: The Movie on Blu-Ray
Cars on Blu-Ray (we have Cars 2)
Muppets Original Movie

‘Snack Time’ by the Barenaked Ladies CD
‘Here Come the 123’s’ by They Might Be Giants CD
‘Mary Had a Little Amp’ by the Dixie Chicks
Muppet Movie soundtrack

Socks. Zoe will always need socks.

Jeans, 18 month (she has a tiny booty!) .

Muppets Lunchbox

Yoda Child’s Robe. We have an adult-sized stormtrooper, and an adult-sized Jedi robe… Zoe needs one in her size!

Rubik’s Jr.

A dedicated music player (CD, MP3 or otherwise) for her room.

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