About the Treehouse

The Gillespie Clan, in this case, consists of a husband and wife; Brian and Jessie (that would be us). We live in the Pacific Northwest. Well…there’s actually more to the clan out here than just the two of us. There’s my mom and dad, my brother and his wife, and a great aunt who lives down in Olympia. The rest of clan is mainly out in Colorado, although we’re scattered all over the place when you get right down to it. The stuff in this blog will primarily be about Jessie and I. It’ll consist of stuff we’ve found on the internet that we like, things we’re focused on at the moment, and anything else we feel is pertinent.

The whole treehouse thing started as a discussion before church one day. During the course of what was, admitedly, a very silly discussion, we decided that we never wanted to grow up to the point where building a treehouse in the backyard didn’t sound like an awesome idea. So far, so good. I’ve got some killer ideas for a treehouse. Now…if I could only get some trees in my backyard big enough!

Jessie is a graphic designer, uses a Mac, and is currently working part-time and commuting to the UW part-time for classes a lazy bum who always has another project going. Brian is a software developer, uses a PC,¬†and is done with that school stuff. They have a cat who doesn’t like their dogs, a garden, and some videogames.

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  1. I love your sense of humour. As one Gillespie to another, and I happen to be the person to contact for Gillespie Family History world-wide, I just thought I’d add this tiny, insignifant blog to say hello. Should you develop an interest in genealogy, do drop me a line, and I’ll add your email to my contact list for a monthly newsletter.

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