Been busy, so it’s been quiet

We’ve been pretty busy the last couple of months. Our brother-in-law had his wedding on our property, that ate up most of what we were doing in July. We went on vacation about 10 days after that event was over. I’ve got lots of photos from those events, but no real time to post them yet.

…stay tuned.

A Bridge to Nowhere, Part 1

Kegan’s wedding is coming up at the end of the month, and half of the event is going to take place in the back pasture, and half of it will take place on our back lawn. We’re working hard cleaning up the property to make it more welcoming for folks, and part of that project is to update our footbridge over the creek. I wanted to add some handrails, fix the stairs, and add an arched entryway to the path.

So, on the 4th of July, with the weather being 89 degrees, overcast, and muggy as I’ll get out, I went out and set posts. Our current roommate, Stevie had already cleaned up the stairs running down to the bridge and she’s working on a footpath for the kids that goes down to the water so they don’t have to run through the mud to get there.

Thursday evening, I found several likely candidates in our cedar trees to make handrails out of, and added some rails to the project. The idea is to take the curved cedar boughs that need to be trimmed out of the trees anyway and make them into a nice, natural looking railing system. So far it’s working out ok. I’ll post more as the project moves along. The posts on the bridge are going to stay tall, in the hopes that for special events (like the upcoming wedding) we can string lights and other decorations across the tall posts.

Camping…sort of


Last weekend our little family spent the weekend out at Kayak Point campground with some friends from the Wandering Havoc Games. The goal for our friends was for their kids to spend some time without the benefit of electronic entertainment.

Unfortunately for me, I was tied down at Wandering Havoc, so I didn’t get to spend too much time at the beach. I managed to make it out there for a good portion of Saturday, and we spent some time hiking down to the beach from the campsite and then watched the waves lap on the shore for a few hours. Zoe has a great time with John, who was about her age. They both love to talk, so they got to talk to each other pretty much nonstop for two days. It was nice having Zoe focus elsewhere though. She can talk…a lot. At times it gets wearing.

It was also nice for me to be able to spend a few hours away from everything. I get wrapped up in the game store and getting the next thing done, and lose my perspective. I’d show you some photos of the beach, but I was too busy enjoying it to take a photo.

Hacked again

So the website keeps getting hacked. Not sure how that happens, but I’ve installed a BUNCH of stuff to help prevent this from happening in the future.