Life in Isolation

We’ve been trying to follow the shelter in place order as best we can, and have mostly been doing what was required (stay at home except for necessary trips out for groceries, etc) since about March 11th. At the house we generally have Jessie and Zoe, and our roommate Stevie who has been living here since January 2018. Most days we see Porter, who is either at his house or here at our place. In some ways this is nice because there’s enough of us to play games and stuff.

Still, we spend a lot of time wrestling with the boredom of being confined to one area. Lately we’ve been playing a LOT more video games as they’re a great escape and allow you to immerse yourself in something for long periods of time.

We’re also working on cleaning and organizing the clutter around the house to make this whole isolation more palatable. We started with our kitchen, did Zoe’s room next, and then the main bathroom. The idea being that if our individual spaces are cleaned out, then when we get to the living room and dining room that the items that need to be put away will have somewhere to go. We also repainted and put tile floors in the bathroom. Stevie and Jessie are working on some other decorative stuff in there too.

I’ve been working on getting the Magic: The Gathering collection from Wandering Havoc Games organized so we can sell all the rest of these cards. The pandemic makes this really tough as people aren’t buying them much. At some point they will again and when they do I want to be ready! There’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 300,000 of them, and so far I’ve gone through about 75,000 since the beginning of February. So…another six months and I’ll be all caught up.

Boy…I hope we’re not still sheltered in place that long.

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